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Hi! I am now based in Vienna, where I am constructing a music full production studio.

This website is undergoing changes accordingly. I will still play concerts!

I, Tomi Simatupang, am a multidisciplinary specialist for the fusion of psychedelic  and transcultural sounds, drawing from a  background in jazz, composition and sound engineering.

Artists and institutions from different parts of the globe trust my taste and know-how.


Whitefield Brothers, The Poets Of Rhythm, Rob Reindorf, Anne Waldman, Sandhy Sondoro, 

Pierrick Pedron, Victor Herrero, Kat Frankie, Masha Qrella, Susie Asado, Banjar Berlin (...)


Marcus M Schueppel (BerlinSong), Luft zum Atmen, The Loud Spring (Johanna Schellhagen,

(...some of the old content here)



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